Type 4

Image development 4.0

Image generation of AI machine Dall.E2 is impressive, however, human creativity can do more.
The current project 47656E65736973 (Code name Genesis) develops an algorithm for picture elements, known as Type 4 or Image development 4.0. NFT collection 47656E65736973 will be published in June 2023 and it will also be sold on Etsy and Amazon as non-NFT version.

image@type4.dev – Fingerprint 84BC C622 16E3 74E4 EAC9 926A 4611 71D9 61AA 8CF0

D – 0049.(0)176.9232.6867 / CH – 0041.(0)76.778.3936 / F – 0033.(0)7.8284.9355

Telegram – @jeanbaptistekim